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Truly Nolen | San Juan, PR | About Us

Truly Nolen Story

Yes, there really was a man named Truly!  Truly Nolen was founded by Truly Wheatfield Nolen in Miami, Florida in 1938.  His son, Truly David Nolen, joined forces with him after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Entomology.  Together, they expanded and improved the pest control business. 

Truly David saw his customers as family.  In doing so, he got pest control right.  It was his vision for you to be protected by proactive pest control that you’re proud of and see it as a sign of good housekeeping, done in an environmentally responsible way, and made affordable by serving you and your neighbors.  It’s a philosophy and passion that continues to drive President Scarlett Nolen today. 

We proudly offer services for a wide variety of pests ranging from ants and roaches to termites and rodents.  Check out our pest, termite, rodent, and commercial services!

Your Local Truly Nolen Franchise

This Truly Nolen franchise is proudly owned and operated by John Ferrandino.

Service Areas

This location services the following communities:

5th Infantry, PR; Alt De Berwind, PR; Alt De Cana, PR; Alt De Flamboyan, PR; Alt De San Patricio, PR; Alt De Sans Souci, PR; Alt De Santa Maria, PR; Alt De Torrimar Este, PR; Alt De Torrimar, PR; Alt Del Rio, PR; Alts De Bayamon, PR; Alts De Borinquen Gdns, PR; Alts Del Remanso, PR; Amelia Ind Park, PR; Barrio Obrero, PR; Bayamon, PR; Bda Bitumul, PR; Bda Blondet, PR; Bda Buen Samaritano, PR; Bda Buena Vista, PR; Bda Calderon, PR; Bda El Polvorin, PR; Bda Figueroa, PR; Bda Hernandez, PR; Bda Israel, PR; Bda La Cambija, PR; Bda Las Monjas, PR; Bda Pesquera, PR; Bda San Miguel, PR; Bda Santo Domingo, PR; Bda Tokio, PR; Bda Villamil, PR; Bda Vista Alegre, PR; Bechara Ind Park, PR; Bo Buen Consejo, PR; Bo Buen Samaritano, PR; Bo Canejas, PR; Bo Capetillo, PR; Bo Carraizo, PR; Bo Cerro Gordo, PR; Bo Dulce, PR; Bo Hato Tejas, PR; Bo Juan Domingo, PR; Bo Los Angeles, PR; Bo Obrero, PR; Bo Quebrada Arena, PR; Bo Tortugo, PR; Bo Venezuela, PR; Bo Volcan Arenas, PR; Bo Volcan, PR; Bosque De Las Flores, PR; Bosque De Las Palmas, PR; Bosque De Los Frailes, PR; Bosque De Los Pinos, PR; Camino Del Bosque, PR; Caparra Hills, PR; Caparra Hls Ind Park, PR; Caparra Terrace, PR; Caparra, PR; Chalet De La Reina, PR; Chalets De Altavista, PR; Chalets De Santa Clara, PR; Ciudad Central I, PR; Ciudad Interamericana, PR; Ciudad Senorial, PR; Colinas De Bayoan, PR; Colinas De Cupey, PR; Colinas De Guaynabo, PR; Colinas De Monte Carlo, PR; Colinas De Parkville, PR; Colinas Metropolitana, PR; Colinas Verde, PR; Colinas Vista Alegre, PR; College Park, PR; Condado, PR; Culebra, PR; Cupey, PR; Est De Cerro Gordo, PR; Est De San Geraldo, PR; Est De Torrimar, PR; Est Del Bosque, PR; Est Del Parque, PR; Est Reales, PR; Ext Alameda, PR; Ext Alts De San Patricio, PR; Ext Campo Alegre, PR; Ext Colinas Verde, PR; Ext Forest Hls, PR; Ext Hnas Davila, PR; Ext La Milagrosa, PR; Ext Mans De Vilanova, PR; Ext Milaville, PR; Ext Oller, PR; Ext Parkville, PR; Ext Rexville, PR; Ext Roosevelt, PR; Ext Santa Juanita, PR; Ext Santa Maria, PR; Ext Santa Paula, PR; Ext Terrs De Guaynabo, PR; Ext Town Park, PR; Ext Victor Braeger, PR; Ext Villa Caparra, PR; Ext Villa Rica, PR; Ext Vista Bella, PR; Fernandez Juncos, PR; Guaynabo, PR; Hacienda De Carraizo, PR; Haciendas El Zorzal, PR; Hato Rey, PR; Ind Corujo, PR; Ind Luchetti, PR; Ind Minillas, PR; Ind Victor Fernandez, PR; Isla Verde, PR; Jard Botanico Sur, PR; Jard De Bayamonte, PR; Jard De Caldas, PR; Jard De Caparra, PR; Jard De Vedruna, PR; Jard Metropolitano, PR; Loiza Street, PR; Lomas Verdes, PR; Mans Colinas De Cupey, PR; Mans De Alejandrino, PR; Mans De Caldas, PR; Mans De Guaynabo, PR; Mans De Park Gdns, PR; Mans De Rio Piedras, PR; Mans De Romany, PR; Mans De San Martin, PR; Mans De Santa Paula, PR; Mans De Sierra Taina, PR; Mans De Tintillo, PR; Mans De Villanova, PR; Mans Garden Hls, PR; Mans Reales, PR; Mario Julia Ind Park, PR; Metro Office Park, PR; Minillas, PR; Miramar, PR; Monterrey Ind Park, PR; Old San Juan, PR; Palmares De Monteverde, PR; Parc Falu, PR; Parc Hill Brothers, PR; Parc Juan Sanchez, PR; Parc Van Scoy, PR; Parq Central, PR; Parq De Bucare Ii, PR; Parq De Bucare, PR; Parq De San Ignacio, PR; Parq De Santa Maria, PR; Parq De Torrimar, PR; Parq De Villa Caparra, PR; Parq Flamingo, PR; Parq Mediterraneo, PR; Parq San Miguel, PR; Parq San Patricio, PR; Parq San Ramon, PR; Parq Senorial, PR; Parq Torremolinos, PR; Parq Valencia, PR; Paseo Alto, PR; Paseo De La Fuente, PR; Paseo Del Parque, PR; Paseo Del Prado, PR; Paseo Las Brisas, PR; Paseo Las Vistas, PR; Paseo Mayor, PR; Paseo Real, PR; Paseo San Juan, PR; Pto Nuevo, PR; Puerto Nuevo, PR; Qta Del Rio, PR; Qtas De Boulevar, PR; Qtas De Cupey, PR; Qtas De Flamingo, PR; Qtas Del Norte, PR; Qtas Reales, PR; Repto America, PR; Repto Contemporaneo, PR; Repto Davila, PR; Repto De Diego, PR; Repto Flamingo, PR; Repto La Esperanza, PR; Repto Landrau, PR; Repto Metropolitano, PR; Repto Oyola, PR; Repto Rivera, PR; Repto San Jose, PR; Repto Santana, PR; Repto Teresita, PR; Repto Universitario, PR; Repto Valencia, PR; Repto Veterano, PR; Rexco Ind Park, PR; Rio Piedras, PR; San Juan, PR; San Miguel Ind Park, PR; Santurce, PR; Sect Betancourt, PR; Sect Cantera, PR; Sect El Relincho, PR; Sect Hoyo, PR; Sect La Corte, PR; Sect La Marina, PR; Sect La Playita, PR; Sect Los Penas, PR; Sect Paracochero, PR; Sect Punta Brava, PR; Terrs De Guaynabo, PR; Terrs De Tintillo, PR; University Station, PR; URB Agustin Stahl, PR; URB Alamein, PR; URB Alhambra, PR; URB Altamesa, PR; URB Altamira, PR; URB Alto Apolo States, PR; URB Alto Apolo, PR; URB Altos De Torrimar, PR; URB Antonsanti, PR; URB Apolo, PR; URB Arboleda, PR; URB Baldrich, PR; URB Baldwin Mansions, PR; URB Baldwin Park, PR; URB Bayamon Gdns, PR; URB Bayamon Hls, PR; URB Belisa, PR; URB Bella Vista, PR; URB Bellomonte, PR; URB Berwind Est, PR; URB Beverly Hills Ct, PR; URB Borinquen Gdns, PR; URB Braulio Dueno, PR; URB Bucare Gdns, PR; URB Bucare, PR; URB Cabrera, PR; URB Caldas, PR; URB Cambridge Park, PR; URB Campo Alegre, PR; URB Campo Verde, PR; URB Cana, PR; URB Caparra Hls, PR; URB Caparra Hts, PR; URB Caparra Terr, PR; URB Caribe, PR; URB Carmen Hls, PR; URB Casa Linda Ct, PR; URB Casas Yoyo, PR; URB Cerro Real, PR; URB Club Manor, PR; URB Colimar, PR; URB College Park Iv, PR; URB Collegeville, PR; URB Coop V Borinquen, PR; URB Country Club, PR; URB Country Est, PR; URB Crown Hls, PR; URB Cupey Gdns, PR; URB Davila & Llenza, PR; URB Del Carmen, PR; URB Delicias, PR; URB Dos Pinos Townhouse, PR; URB Dos Pinos, PR; URB El Alamo, PR; URB El Cemi, PR; URB El Cerezal, PR; URB El Comandante, PR; URB El Coqui, PR; URB El Cortijo, PR; URB El Dorado, PR; URB El Escorial, PR; URB El Jard De Guaynabo, PR; URB El Mirador De Cupey, PR; URB El Mirador, PR; URB El Palmar De Torrimar, PR; URB El Paraiso, PR; URB El Pilar, PR; URB El Prado, PR; URB El Remanso, PR; URB El Senorial, PR; URB El Vedado, PR; URB El Vigia, PR; URB Embalse San Jose, PR; URB Enramada, PR; URB Estancias, PR; URB Experimental, PR; URB Fairview, PR; URB Flamboyan Gdns, PR; URB Flamingo Hls, PR; URB Flamingo Ter, PR; URB Floral Park, PR; URB Forest Hls, PR; URB Forest View, PR; URB Frailes Sur, PR; URB Francisco Oller, PR; URB Fronteras, PR; URB Garcia, PR; URB Garden Ct, PR; URB Garden Hls Est, PR; URB Garden Hls Villas, PR; URB Garden Hls, PR; URB Gardenville, PR; URB Golden Gate, PR; URB Golden Hls, PR; URB Gonzalez Seijo, PR; URB Gonzalez, PR; URB Highland Gdns, PR; URB Highland Pk, PR; URB Hill Mansions, PR; URB Hillside, PR; URB Hipodromo, PR; URB Hnas Davila, PR; URB Hollywood Est, PR; URB Horizons, PR; URB Hucares, PR; URB Hyde Pk, PR; URB Irlanda Hts, PR; URB Jb Huyke, PR; URB Juan Ponce De Leon, PR; URB La Alameda, PR; URB La Alborada, PR; URB La Campina, PR; URB La Colina, PR; URB La Cumbre, PR; URB La Lomita, PR; URB La Milagrosa, PR; URB La Riviera Ind Park, PR; URB La Riviera, PR; URB La Sierra Alta, PR; URB La Utt, PR; URB La Villa De Torrimar, PR; URB La Vista, PR; URB Laderas De Palma Real, PR; URB Laderas De San Juan, PR; URB Las Americas, PR; URB Las Lomas, PR; URB Las Rosas, PR; URB Las Virtudes, PR; URB Litheda Hts, PR; URB Lomas Verde, PR; URB Los Adoquines, PR; URB Los Almendros, PR; URB Los Campos Montehiedra, PR; URB Los Cantizales, PR; URB Los Dominicos, PR; URB Los Faroles, PR; URB Los Frailes Norte, PR; URB Los Frailes Sur, PR; URB Los Ingenieros, PR; URB Los Maestros, PR; URB Luarca, PR; URB Luna Llena, PR; URB Magnolia Gdns, PR; URB Mallorca, PR; URB Martin Ct, PR; URB Matienzo Cintron, PR; URB May Fair, PR; URB Milaville, PR; URB Mirabella Vlg, PR; URB Mirador De Borinquen Gdn, PR; URB Miraflores, PR; URB Montanez, PR; URB Monte Alvernia, PR; URB Monte Apolo Est, PR; URB Monte Carlo, PR; URB Monte Claro, PR; URB Monte Olimpo, PR; URB Monte Verde Real, PR; URB Montehiedra, PR; URB Monterey, PR; URB Monteverde, PR; URB Munoz Rivera, PR; URB Novas Ct, PR; URB Oasis Gdns, PR; URB Open Land, PR; URB Palma Real, PR; URB Panorama Vlg, PR; URB Panorama, PR; URB Park Gdns Townhouses, PR; URB Park Gdns, PR; URB Parkside, PR; URB Parkville, PR; URB Patio De Rexville, PR; URB Perez Morris, PR; URB Pineiro, PR; URB Pinero, PR; URB Ponce De Leon, PR; URB Portal De Los Pinos, PR; URB Prado Alto, PR; URB Puerto Nuevo, PR; URB Purple Tree, PR; URB Quintana, PR; URB Rexville, PR; URB Riberas Del Rio, PR; URB Riberas Del Senorial, PR; URB Rio Hondo 1, PR; URB Rio Hondo 2, PR; URB Rio Hondo 3, PR; URB Rio Hondo 4, PR; URB Rio Piedras Hts, PR; URB Rio Plantation, PR; URB River Vw, PR; URB Riverside Park, PR; URB Rivieras De Cupey, PR; URB Romany Gdns, PR; URB Romany Pk Ii, PR; URB Romany Pk, PR; URB Roosevelt, PR; URB Roseville, PR; URB Royal Gdns, PR; URB Royal Palm, PR; URB Royal Town, PR; URB Sabana Llana, PR; URB Sagrado Corazon, PR; URB San Agustin, PR; URB San Angel, PR; URB San Fernando, PR; URB San Francisco Javier, PR; URB San Francisco, PR; URB San Gerardo, PR; URB San Ignacio, PR; URB San Jose Ind, PR; URB San Jose, PR; URB San Juan Gdns, PR; URB San Martin, PR; URB San Patricio Meadows, PR; URB San Patricio, PR; URB San Rafael Est Ii, PR; URB San Rafael Est, PR; URB San Ramon, PR; URB Sans Souci, PR; URB Santa Ana, PR; URB Santa Barbara, PR; URB Santa Catalina, PR; URB Santa Clara, PR; URB Santa Cruz, PR; URB Santa Elena, PR; URB Santa Elenita, PR; URB Santa Juanita, PR; URB Santa Maria, PR; URB Santa Monica, PR; URB Santa Paula, PR; URB Santa Rita, PR; URB Santa Rosa, PR; URB Santiago Iglesias, PR; URB Senderos En Montehiedra, PR; URB Sevilla Biltmore, PR; URB Sevilla, PR; URB Sierra Bayamon, PR; URB Sierra Berdecia, PR; URB Sierra Linda, PR; URB Suchville, PR; URB Summit Hls, PR; URB Sunny Hls, PR; URB Susan Ct Chalets, PR; URB Susan Ct, PR; URB Terranova, PR; URB Tierra Alta I, PR; URB Tierra Alta Ii, PR; URB Tierra Alta Iii, PR; URB Tintillo Gdns, PR; URB Tintillo Hls, PR; URB Torremolinos, PR; URB Torrimar Est, PR; URB Torrimar, PR; URB Tortuguero, PR; URB Town Pk, PR; URB Tulipan, PR; URB Umpierre, PR; URB University Gdns, PR; URB Valencia, PR; URB Venus Gdns Norte, PR; URB Venus Gdns Oeste, PR; URB Venus Gdns, PR; URB Veredas, PR; URB Versalles, PR; URB Victor Braeger, PR; URB Victoria Hts, PR; URB Victoria, PR; URB Vosburg, PR; Valle Bello Chalets, PR; Valle De Cerro Gordo, PR; Valle Sereno, PR; Valle Universitario, PR; Valle Verde 1, PR; Valle Verde 2, PR; Valle Verde 3, PR; Viejo San Juan, PR; Villa Andalucia, PR; Villa Arrieta, PR; Villa Avila, PR; Villa Betania, PR; Villa Borinquen, PR; Villa Caparra, PR; Villa Capri, PR; Villa Clementina, PR; Villa Colinas De Cupey, PR; Villa Contessa, PR; Villa Dagmarita, PR; Villa De San Agustin, PR; Villa Del Rio Bayamon, PR; Villa Dos Pinos, PR; Villa El Salvador, PR; Villa Espana, PR; Villa Granada, PR; Villa Hucar, PR; Villa Lissette, PR; Villa Los Olmos, PR; Villa Magna, PR; Villa Navarra, PR; Villa Nevarez, PR; Villa Olga, PR; Villa Olimpica, PR; Villa Pica, PR; Villa Prades, PR; Villa Rica, PR; Villa Rosales, PR; Villa Verde, PR; Villas De Buena Vista, PR; Villas De Caparra, PR; Villas De Carraizo, PR; Villas De Cupey, PR; Villas De Palma Real, PR; Villas De Parana, PR; Villas De Prado Alto, PR; Villas De San Francisco, PR; Villas De San Ignacio, PR; Villas De San Miguel, PR; Villas De Santa Juanita, PR; Villas De Tintillos, PR; Villas De Trujillo, PR; Villas Del Caribe, PR; Villas Del Este, PR; Villas Del Parque, PR; Villas Del Pilar, PR; Villas Reales, PR; Vista Alegre, PR; Vista Alta, PR; Vista Bella, PR; Vista Del Atlantico, PR; Vista Del Cano, PR; Vistas De Guaynabo, PR

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